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Our Process is Simple


First step for all clients


As an obligation-free first step, contact us using the form on our contacts page.  We then get back to you by phone or email to ascertain and confirm your needs.​  We will advise and assist you in determining what blood tests (if any) might be appropriate in your circumstances.

If you are in Australia -

and need blood analysis, we will send you (by email) a form to take to your local pathology provider.  Then after a 12 hour fast, you take the form in, pay for the tests required, and then results will be sent to us a day or two later.  We will pass them on to you, and convene another teleconference for the results explanation and most importantly, recommendations.

If you are not in Australia - 

and need blood analysis, we will confirm our advice so that you can take it to your doctor or pathology provider to assist you in ordering the appropriate tests.  When you receive the results, you email them to us, after which we will convene a teleconference for the results explanation and recommendations.



If you already have blood test results -

we will simply arrange with you to email them to us and our analysis, explanations and recommendations can be conveyed via email or phone.

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